Mp5, AR-15, and M-16 Weapon Courses

Basic SWAT (80 Hours)

Team member skills involving tactics, weapons, equipment rigging, deliberate and dynamic clearing team movement, mission execution procedures for warrant service and hostage rescue operations for both structures and on public transportation vehicles.

Advanced SWAT (24-48 Hours)

Structured for re-certification of tactics and weapon skills. Provides review of current procedures as basis for advanced skills training. Training addresses team operations involving hostage rescue operations, high risk warrants service, critical threat/location procedures, weapon tactics, sniper team operations, rules of engagement, mission planning and execution procedures.

SWAT Team and Police Service Dog (16-32 Hours)

Provides interoperability deployment and tactical procedures for the K - 9 handler and special operation teams. Training is designed to integrate the special capabilities of both the service dog and the special operation teams to accomplish high-risk missions.

Dynamic Clearing Procedures (32 Hours)

This is an advanced course for individuals or teams and involves demanding tactical training and weapon skills. The course focuses on contemporary operational skills involving Close Quarter Dynamic Clearing procedures for execution of high-risk warrants, hostage rescue, and critical threat neutralization missions. Mission planning, team operations, interior tactics, integration of supporting sniper/negotiation/patrol/EMT units and post operation procedures are addressed.

Deliberate Clearing Procedures (32 Hours)

This is an advanced course for individuals or teams and involves demanding tactical training and weapon skills. The course focuses on contemporary operational skills involving deliberate clearing tactics for execution of high-risk searches and clearing missions. Mission planning, team operations, interior search procedures which maximizes use of cover and concealment, transition to/from dynamic clearing situations, use of canine units, mirrors, shields, robots, remote cameras and other specialized equipment.

Search/Arrest Warrant Service (24-40 Hours)

Planning and execution procedures for service of warrant in high risk situations. Addresses team organization, dynamic clearing tactics, weapon selection, knock/notice requirements, breaching procedures, rules of engagement, medical emergencies and post-operation procedures.

Active Shooter/Terrorist Instructor (32 Hours)

Designed for law enforcement officers who will provide training in "Active Shooter/Critical Incident" tactics to personnel in their agencies. The course material includes an awareness of the characteristics and conditions common to critical threat situations, weapon tactics and team movement procedures, rules of engagement/use of force and contemporary tactical deployment procedures to resolve incidents as the first responding officers/supervisors on-scene and the interoperability protocols necessary to integrate the capabilities of follow-on responding resources as they arrive at the incident. The participant will also have an understanding of human behavior and performance in high risk-fearful situations and an understanding of training protocols and methodology required to provide advanced officer training in first responder critical threat/active shooter procedures.

Rappel Master/Ascending/Descending Instructor (48 Hours)

Provides technical skills to allow team members to ascend/descend exterior and interior configuration of objective sites for tactical and/or emergency access to breach points, hostage locations, rescue areas, etc. Additionally, provides techniques to tactically move beyond/over walls, fences, low buildings and other obstacles using specialized lifting procedures and ladder equipment.

Helicopter Operations (16-24 Hours)

Structured to provide tactical teams and other units technical skills in mission planning, flight operations, embarking, insertion, fast rope, rappelling, weapon engagement and extraction operations using various helicopter configurations.

Aircraft/Passenger Train Clearing and Recovery (24-40 Hours)

Provides planning and execution procedures for tactical operations involving this type of site configuration. Will address tactical movement, breaching, weapon selection, special equipment, rules of engagement and familiarization with specific characteristics of aircraft and vehicles.

Ship Clearing and Recovery (24-40 Hours)

Structured to provide the knowledge and skills regarding configuration, operation, boarding and clearing of various size vessels.

Executive/VIP Protection (48 Hours)

Planning and field operation procedures for protection and security for "at risk" personnel in low and high threat environments.

Advanced Executive/VIP Protection (48 Hours)

Field operation procedures specifically designed to operate against actual assaults directed toward protectee. Involves physical confrontations, handgun and sniper assaults, disarming and/or controlling single and multiple assailants, stabilization, recovery and extraction procedures.