Tactical Operations and Sniper Courses

Basic, Advanced, Instructor and Command Level Courses

The courses described on this website are structured to meet the duty assignment needs of the new officer through senior command personnel. The various courses address perishable skills, advanced officer needs, tactical command protocol, and specialized areas of critical skill training.

Custom Design Courses

Consists of designing and presenting specifically structured courses to meet specialized training objectives as established by the requesting agency.

Mobile Training Teams

Consists of instructor teams which go directly to the agency, training site, or central location which is condusive to minimizing travel time, cost and out of area availability of course participants.

Outsource Training

Consists of providing instruction normally done by the agency itself, due to lack of certified instructors, lower cost, need for updating current training or advanced courses. CATT instructors will integrate with department instructors to present courses structured to meet specific needs.

Expert Witness and Logistics Support

Evaluation, opinions, depositions and court testimony support regarding policy, procedure, training, use of force, and field operations protocols.

Critical Incident Capability and Risk Management Evaluation

Provides independent analysis and evaluation of command, tactical, patrol and support services capabilities in responding to high-risk situations. Evaluations address policy, procedures, training, communications, equipment, organizational structure and joint operations protocol.

Advanced Seminar and Instructor Update

Designed to provide review of current course content and advanced skills matters to officers having completed the appropriate courses listed above. Allows participants to enhance existing skills and acquire additional technical knowledge to keep current in respective areas.