Mp5, AR-15, and M-16 Weapon Courses

Less Lethal Weapons Instructor (24 Hours)

Will cover the use of stand off/close quarter impact munitions and electronic incapacitation devices. Instruction will include weapon handling, protocol for deployment, limitations and tactical deployment procedures. Will also address effects on human body as to blunt force trauma and proper aiming procedures.

SWAT Chemical Agent Deployment (24 Hours)

Structured to provide the technical knowledge and tactical procedures to select the proper type of chemical agents and plan the deployment volleys for effective insertions. Will address volume calculation and dosage amounts based upon the toxicity of various chemical agents. Also addresses gas mask use to include weapon tactics and mission execution procedures in a contaminated environment.

Distraction Device Munitions (16 Hours)

Will qualify the student to deploy a light/sound distraction and/or a sting ball device. Instruction will include nomenclature of each device, its effects on the human body and the liabilities when using such device. Each student will successfully deploy these devices during a practical exercise.